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Kinect With Kinect Adventures To Hit This November At $150

Microsoft reveals Kinect pricing and bundles.

And just like that, all the fun speculation ends. Kinect will cost $150 and will ship this November with a copy of Kinect Adventures. It will additionally be sold in a bundle with the arcade version of the redesigned Xbox 360 this holiday for $300.  
Retailers had it right about Kinect's price, and it looks like Amazon Deutschland nailed it in respect to the arcade SKU's storage. Microsoft has confirmed this morning that this version of the console will sport 4GBs of internal memory, a matte finish, and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, according to official press materials. It will also be sold as a stand-alone unit for $200 starting on August 3, 2010.    

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Microsoft has confirmed that a selection Kinect launch titles, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride, and Dance Central, will hit retail at a $50 price point. More than 15 games, according to Microsoft, will be available at launch. Pre-orders for either the bundle or Kinect will net future owners a download voucher for three "exclusive" levels in Kinect Adventures.
Thanks goes to fwylo for the initial intel! 
UPDATE: Edited to reflect that pre-orders will net users day-one levels for Kinect Adventures.