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Lady Gaga, FarmVille Combine Forces to Create Ultimate Embarrassing Pop Culture Thing Your Parents Will Think is 'Really

FarmVille and Lady Gaga: Two things the Giant Bomb audience could not be more excited to discuss at length!

So, this is news. Probably.

That sure is a sheep riding a motorcycle.
That sure is a sheep riding a motorcycle.

In a combination that can only be compared to infectiously bedazzled chocolate meeting peanut butter that only your weird Facebook friends eat, Zynga has announced that it has teamed up with Lady Gaga to help promote her new album, "Born This Way." How? By giving her her own damn in-game farm in the company's wildly successful casual game, FarmVille, appropriately titled "GagaVille."

Players who enter this burg of Gaga-ness are given specific tasks to complete, and as they do, they will be able to listen to singles from the new record.

Though the GagaVille farm will only exist in-game until May 26, players who decide to peruse the new area will discover such Gaga-related horrors as "magical unicorns" and "sheep on motorcycles."

== TEASER ==

This isn't the first time Zynga and Gaga have combined their powers of nonsensical naming to better mankind, as they have previously worked together to raise money for Japan's earthquake disaster relief. This is...perhaps a bit more self-serving, but hey, when you can use the biggest pop star working today to help peddle your productivity-swallowing Facebook games, why not go for it, right?

It's actually a perfect match when you really think about it. FarmVille is kind of a rip-off of rival farming game, Farm Town--itself a kind of casual spin on the leisurely, plant-heavy play styles of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing--and Gaga herself is pretty much just a hyper-modernized update of Madonna, so they've both got that whole shameless cloning thing going on. So, good for them, I guess?

And with that, this hereby concludes the only story anyone around here will be writing about FarmVille and/or Lady Gaga for the foreseeable future. You may now go on about your business, as if this nonsense never happened.

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