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Leaked Battlefront III Footage Surfaces

New footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III is making the rounds, but does the game still exist?

Some nice "stalker cam" footage has emerged from what is purportedly Star Wars: Battlefront III. I watched it and there's really no reason for me to doubt that this is legit--it looks really good. The bigger question is where the hell is this game now? With the fate of Free Radical still in question, Battlefront III is supposedly now being developed by Rebellion, the makers of the PSP's Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. This makes me wonder how much of this footage is still relevant. The optimist in me hopes all of it is, the pessimist thinks this game is never coming out and the realist in me knows he hasn't played a Battlefront game since the original.

The footage is reported to be from November, at an internal meeting with Free Radical.


Man. I'm still a sucker for anything Star Wars. I need help.

Thanks to Kotaku for this one.

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