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Let Marcus Fenix Bend Your Ear

John DiMaggio brings his trademark rasp to this spirited interview.

With Gears of War 2 and the new direct-to-video Futurama movie, Bender's Game, on store shelves this week, things have been busy for voice actor John DiMaggio, whose gravelly voice gets put to good use as both Marcus Fenix and Bender. If you want to know a little more about the voice behind these two fan-favorites, check out this recent phone interview with Chad Dukes at WJFK 106.7-FM, where DiMaggio discussed his place in the hearts/pants of nerds everywhere, as well as his experiences at Comic-Con, his Gears of War 2 information leaks, his role in Pirates of Silicon Valley as Steve Ballmer, and more. It's a pretty fluffy piece, but DiMaggio's a pretty affable dude, and while you shouldn't go in expecting any Gears of War 3 secrets, it's a fun interview.