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Limbo Creators Working On New IP Targeted At Fans

Who else is ready to pull the legs off another giant spider?

Playdead Studios, the developer behind Xbox Live Arcade darling Limbo, is in the process of creating a new title. Normally, this wouldn't be a newsworthy kind of story--games studios make games because, well, that's what they do. But it's nice to hear confirmation that the small, super indie Denmark-based house can continue working on new games after, apparently, receiving enough profit from its first release. 

Oh, yeah, and this new title? It's a completely fresh IP that fans of Limbo will apparently be able to get behind, according to studio CEO Dino Patti. Speaking with Joystiq during an event in California this past weekend, Patti said this new game will "be for [fans of Limbo]." He elaborated by stating, "The gameplay style you'll really like. You'll feel it's the same team who made it, but everything will be changed."
Here's our Quick Look of Limbo, if you missed it for whatever reason. It's a unique and punishing platformer that's big on atmosphere and puzzle solving. Also, giant spiders and spikes. 


It's obviously early in the game making process, so Patti isn't sure if this new IP will be an exclusive title like Limbo remains on Xbox Live Arcade, but he told Joystiq that the goal is, of course, to get this new game into as many hands as possible. We'll have to see.