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Marble Madness Madness!

This guy makes Marble Madness look easy, and that's just crazy.

Speaking of Marble Madness (kinda, I guess,) check out this video of the best Marble Madness player ever. There was a time that I was no slouch at Marble Madness, and though I know players that are better than me, I'm probably still the best Marble Madness player in the office (an auspicition distinction, for sure.) But this guy makes everyone else I've ever seen look like they've been trying to play with their feet. Watching this video has the simultaneous effect of making me feel really bad about myself, and never want to play Marble Madness again. Notice the little picture-in-picture of his hands on what appears to be a proper Marble Madness arcade machine, defusing most of the potential speculation that this play-through is somehow machine-assisted.