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Mass Effect 2: The Wraps Are Off With First Trailer

BioWare has kicked off the PR cycle for their next sci-fi RPG with a bang. Check out the first teaser trailer and concept artwork.

BioWare just sent out a quick email suggesting we visit, and when I did, well, I was greeted by this first teaser trailer for none other than Mass Effect 2. And before you watch it, let me just say this is how you do a damn teaser trailer.


OK, how exciting is that? Tension building...admirable service record...alien buddies...all good so far...SHEPARD KILLED IN ACTION...GETH WEARING N7 TAG...WHAT THE HELL?! Bravo, BioWare. Way to turn my expectations right on their pretty little head. I didn't think I could be more interested in the sequel than I already was, but there you go. I wonder how this jives with the recent news that you can import your original Mass Effect save game into the sequel? What do you think this trailer means for the series' storyline?

The site is getting absolutely slammed at the moment, so if you can't access it, I've also nabbed the two concept art wallpapers posted along with the teaser.


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