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Mass Effect 3 Has Multiplayer Now, In Case You Were Wondering

The long-rumored, oft-obfuscated multiplayer capabilities are revealed via multiple magazine covers.

This is happening.
This is happening.

If you follow other sites on the Internet that write about games in far greater quantity (if not necessarily quality--BOOM...*drops mic* *feedback*) than our little video game website, you may have been following the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer saga in a bit more of a step-by-step fashion than we have chosen to cover it here. In short: multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 has been rumored, debunked, rumored again, debunked again, and then rumored again more times than the existence of Shenmue 3, to the point where even if you cared about Mass Effect 3 having multiplayer, you have likely just given up and opted to wait for an actual confirmation from someone.

Good news then (maybe?): Multiplayer has been confirmed.

Specifically, it's been confirmed by dueling magazine covers in the latest issue of OXM, and Australian PC mag, PC PowerPlay. Of course, given that no one actually has either issue of either magazine in hand, we don't actually know what any of this multiplayer nonsense equates to. All we do know from the vague, cryptic descriptions either magazine chose to give is that the mode does tie into the main story campaign in some manner or another. I'll just go ahead and pull the starter cord on the rumor engine and say co-op campaign. I mean, it makes sense, right?

We'll get all the juicy details when the aforementioned magazines hit store shelves, and someone on NeoGAF inevitably scans all the feature pages and plasters them into a thread, thus spreading said information across the many news sites and blogs with similar, yet not entirely the same commentary, followed by similar, yet not entirely the same comments, ranging from enraged exclamations of derision, to excited, gleeful yelps of joy. Eventually the commenters will tire themselves out, both the rage and the joy will trail off, and the Internet will grow quiet for a single, fleeting moment before, like the Big Bang itself, a new rumor of multiplayer in something--maybe in Darksiders II or something--sparks the Internet's energy anew. Circle of life, or whatever.

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