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Mass Effect 3 Wii U Includes Extended Cut DLC, But...

...EA isn't sure if players will have the option to view the original endings.

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(There are no spoilers in this post, but beware the comments.)

When Mass Effect 3 arrives on Wii U, the recent Extended Cut downloadable content will be on the disc, too.

"The extended ending is basically going to be part of the game instead," said series producer Michael Gamble to Siliconera this week. "You won’t have to download it."

The Extended Cut downloadable content tweaked and expanded Mass Effect 3’s multiple endings, finales that came under criticism from fans for not providing enough answers and closure. After the downloadable content is acquired by the player, the endings are seamlessly altered, as if these were the original endings BioWare came up with. We know that’s not the truth, though, but will every Wii U owner?

I asked Electronic Arts if Mass Effect 3 players on Wii U will have the option to see both versions of the ending. In essence, giving the the option to turn back the clock and see the original conclusion designed for Mass Effect 3.

The publisher said it “can’t confirm if that choice will be available,” but hopefully we can sway it.

One hopes EA and BioWare include the option, even if the Extended Cut endings are the default. The changes to Mass Effect 3’s final hours are hardly on the level of Greedo shooting first, but as we’ve seen in film (remember E.T.’s walkie talkies?), revisionism is a slippery slope. Mass Effect 3 isn't a heralded classic enshrined in years of acclaim, and players deserve to know how BioWare decided to close out its trilogy before fans demanded more.

Whether you agreed with BioWare's decision to expand on the endings (hint: I didn't), this option is important.

I’ll make sure to keep my eye on this, and report back when EA has an answer.

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