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Mega Man 9 FAQ in Tableaux

Mega Man 9 tips for the illiterate.

Don't bore your eyeballs with ASCII text!
Don't bore your eyeballs with ASCII text!
It's a widely agreed upon sentiment within the Giant Bomb office that Mega Man 9 is a seriously awesome, seriously messed up game. We all love the fact that Capcom decided to make a brand-new Mega Man game that looks and plays like it came on a cart in 1989. The $10 price tag makes it an easy buy. And while difficulty is one of the defining characteristics of the early Mega Man game, I'm simply too feeble for the staggering difficulty Mega Man 9 has to offer. Still, I respect its dedication to creating an experience that so vividly recalls that punishing style of action.

I've never been great at Mega Man, but even I know that one of the keys is approaching the Robot Masters in the right order. If you haven't got the time for some trial-and-error deduction, you might try looking at a FAQ, but FAQs are boring. If I can avoid sifting through plain-text files brimming with typos and bad grammar to figure out if I should go after Wood Man or Air Man first, I will. Instead, why not refer to this handy bit of Mega Man 9 art from CyberMoonStudios that showed up on the Capcom-Unity blog? They've also got informative level select art for Mega Man 1, 2, and 3, though I imagine there's probably some heavy debate over whether the Mega Man 2 illustration is really the best route.