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Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version Delayed And (Gasp) Missing eShop Launch

Nintendo may as well just scrap the eShop launch at this point.

Shell out or kiss this game goodbye.
Shell out or kiss this game goodbye.

The launch of Nintendo's 3DS marketplace, eShop, has just taken a hit. A serious god damn hit. Capcom announced today Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version has been delayed and will not be hitting the launch window.

"It's always been our aim in the production of this game to create something that would provide a fun time for all," explained producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi in a blog post on Capcom Unity, "and from here on out, we will be maintaining this aim with a renewed desire to create a product of the highest quality. Please wait just a little longer!"

Nintendo recently revealed the 3DS firmware update adding eShop is coming on June 7.

== TEASER ==

If you're not familiar, the Prototype Version subtitle comes from the strange nature of the game's development. Mega Man Legends 3 is not a sure thing. Prototype Version is a paid in-development slice of the game, designed to do two things: gauge financial interest in the game and allow dedicated fans who've been working with Capcom to influence the game's development a window into the work.

It's a demo...but it's not. Thus, the pay model. Capcom has not announced the price point for Prototype Version in the US, but it's charging 200 yen ($2.40) in Japan. Pretty similar pricing would make sense.

"The nature of games development is that sudden changes are prone to occur at any time, one after another," said Mega Man Legends 3 web planner Kinako Ikawa in another post. "But to make you all wait even longer for this game is an incredibly regrettable outcome that all of us are sorry for."

Capcom told me more details on what's happening with Prototype Version is coming soon.

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