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Metal Gear Solid 3 Port Sneaking Onto 3DS In 2011

No card games, no side stories. Just a straight port of the PS2 classic.

Back at E3 this past year, Konami put together a short, non-interactive demonstration for the Nintendo 3DS that showcased the handheld's graphical power and glasses-free stereoscopic 3D technology. What made that demo particularly interesting (apart from, you know, the 3D-ness) was that it was rendering scenes and scenarios straight out of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PS2. Immediately, speculation began as to whether the “ Naked Sample” demo would lead to, or was evidence of, a port of MGS3 for the 3DS.
And today, at the Konami Press Event held at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, series creator Hideo Kojima confirmed those suspicions. Joystiq is reporting that Metal Gear Solid 3 will, indeed, be ported over to the 3DS in 2011. Nope, this isn’t a side story or a tactical card game. Unlike the Metal Gear games released for the PSP, Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 3DS will be a proper, straight port of the 2004 game released on the PS2 (or technically, the upgraded Subsistence version of the game that was released in 2005).  


Someday, you feed on a tree frog!
Someday, you feed on a tree frog!
== TEASER ==Putting the entirety of MGS3 on a handheld system (and on a cart, no less!) is an impressive technical feat, and plenty of Metal Gear franchise fans still hold the third entry up as the high point of the series. However, this game runs into the same dilemma as those Metal Gear ports for the PSP, or any console game that has been transferred to a handheld; why would you want to play a console game on a handheld? The best games for a handheld system are specially tuned and catered for quick, short bursts of play, like Lumines, Elite Beat Agents, or the Pokémon franchise. MGS3 is many things, but an ideal handheld release is not necessarily one of them.
If you can play MGS3 on a big TV with a control scheme that has been designed for a full-sized controller, why would you want to play it on a smaller screen and with limited controls? The “It’s like a console game, but portable!” rationale didn’t exactly work out so well for the PSP.

Still, Konami and Kojima are no strangers to using the Metal Gear franchise to push the technical limitations on the platform it’s being released on, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on a handheld is certainly a cool feat. We’ll wait and see just how MGS3's stealth gameplay translates onto the 3DS. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for MGS3 to hit the 3DS sometime next spring, let’s try and think of the dumb name/subtitle they’ll slap on this portable port. My early bet is Metal Gear Solid 3DSnake Eater. And if Konami calls it that, the game could include a 3D version of Snake! That would be a great fit for a handheld.
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Posted By The_Laughing_Man

Naked snake on the DS. Great.!  

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Posted By emtee

I've been looking for an excuse to replay MGS3, now I have one! 3DS can't come soon enough.

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Posted By marcTG

wow, looks great

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Posted By Pumer

This just sold the 3DS for me.

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Posted By Matt_F606

Getting excited about the 3DS. Also this could be a cool idea.

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Posted By KillaMaStA

Im perfectly happy with my good version of mgs3 instead of this crappy one thank you.

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Posted By Sooty

They should port Twin Snakes instead, that was much better than 2, 3 and 4.

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Posted By DemonStration

I'm glad the best of the PS2 is being brought back on modern consoles. This, God of War collection, Ico/Shadow collection, this is great!

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3DS looks like it has some great controls and the 3D might be great. Can't wait to get a 3Ds in my hands.

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Posted By CyleMoore

I will definitely buys this game.

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Posted By Zelnox

I didn’t have a PS2 and my PS3 isn’t backward-compatible, so I guess I could play this one.

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Looking forward to this :D

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Posted By richied0

Rather have a new game, but oh well.

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Just more awesome new, can't wait to have my hands on a 3DS.

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This thing will probably sell me a 3DS.

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... You're supposed to play Pokemon in short bursts...?

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Fine I'll get a friggin 3DS! Stop announcing all these good games now please, you pissing off my bank account..... You won't like it when it's angry..... It'll mess your shit up is what I'm saying! Like totally....

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How about porting the game over to the ps3?
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As long as they fix that god damn horrible fucking fixed camera at the last boss battle. Ruined that whole experience for me. Of course, that was before I wrote the entire franchise off as childish and pointless, not offering me anything worthwhile. 

I better grab my Purple Flame Shield.

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Shocked that it's a straight port, not even with slightly downgraded graphics. Day one most likely.

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Yep. I'll be buying this, and I'll pick up a 3DS too - when Nintendo releases an improved, smaller, brighter version of the 3DS one year later.  
Come on. Don't be an early adopter. You know an improved version is in the works, probably right now.

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Didn't own a PS2 in the last console generation. This is one of those games I was hoping would get a re-release on a new system.

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@Oni: Flash memory is much cheaper then what it used to be. Depending on the actual cart size for 3DS games, I wouldn't be surprise if they had a solution for storage up to 2-4 gb per card. (micro sizing memory obviously will increase cost) Not to mention, Solid State ROM (read-only-memory) probably cost way less then consumer type flash memory. (SS-ROM is what the current DS uses)
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Posted By AntoineDiamonds

totally buying any MGS they come out with

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I'm curious how much will have to be scrapped from the original. No Rumble when fighting the boss,  no Snake VS Monkeys to help train players, and MGS3 is considerably long for hand held gaming compared to Portable Ops and Peace Walker. They seriously need to change a lot of things about the game.... but so far those screen shots look better then the original PS2 and the PSP

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@Crushed:  I totally agree with that. Make the navigation less clumsey
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How would the fight with The End work in this game?  His boss fight isn't so much a fight as it is a grueling marathon of endurance.

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they need the controls to be really good, better than the PS2 version at least.

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@Brackynews said:
" @InfamousBIG said:
" @Crushed said:
" Wait. Big Boss can't see in 3D. :( "
Just color the eyepatch blue, and wear the red half of the glasses. "
LOL!  "Wow you can see the knife coming right out a....aaauughh!!!!" The only mechanic that comes immediately to my mind is that Snake is in 3D while detected, but flattens to 2D when he's camouflaged.  Will be interesting. "
After you spin Snake around in the Cure screen and go back to the game, he projectile vomits in 3D and it flies at you.
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Posted By bizsumpark182

While I'm not interested in playing it on the 3DS I am interested in seeing how well it holds up.

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It seems strange to try and port a game that had such a complex control scheme. It was only barely do-able on a PS2 pad, let alone a DS.

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Posted By Everyones_A_Critic

Wow, this is really cool.

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@InfamousBIG said:
" @Crushed said:
" Wait. Big Boss can't see in 3D. :( "
Just color the eyepatch blue, and wear the red half of the glasses. "
LOL!  "Wow you can see the knife coming right out a....aaauughh!!!!"
The only mechanic that comes immediately to my mind is that Snake is in 3D while detected, but flattens to 2D when he's camouflaged.  Will be interesting.
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Posted By TobyD81

3DS keeps on looking great. I'm honestly looking forward to the SF4 port as well. Even though that's not a perfect port, I'll bet it'll make a great bus ride game.

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I would buy MGS3 if it was a Tandy interactive fiction.

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Fuck yes!  The 3ds is going to have a killer line up of games.

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Posted By ArbitraryWater

I already own and have finished MGS 3. No amount of 3D wizardry will make me want to play through it again.

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Yeehaw! This looks pretty sweet! Can't wait!

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Another reason to get a 3DS! Yay. Still wish there was a PC port of sorts...
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Should be interesting when it comes out.
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Posted By Coleslaw893

Yep, I want a 3DS now.

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Posted By Wrighteous86

Would be nice if it was a bit more than a straight port, but if the 3D effect is dramatic enough, I might buy it. 
It's good to know they can pretty much do a straight port of a great PS2 game though.

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Posted By ZanzibarBreeze

I would rather play the game on consoles, for the reasons given in the article, unless some massive changes are made to the gameplay.
Also, I don't think this game is really worth playing anymore. Here's hoping they fix the idiotic mistakes the game made, no less the gaping plothole that constitutes its narrative. Then it will be truly worth something. At this time, not so much.

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The story here is not mgs...the story is that they took an existing ps2 game and ported it.  This opens a lot of great games that have not been ported to psp or ps3 now available for the 3ds.  Also gives some idea of the capability of the device.  If they have figured out the controls and keep a good battery life...this could be real fun.