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Microsoft Announces the New New New Xbox Experience

A brand new Dashboard revision adds more voice control options and live TV.

The NNNXE still has big big boxes.
The NNNXE still has big big boxes.

Some companies release brand new hardware iterations every year. Microsoft, on the other hand, releases annual UI redesigns. The third major redesign for the main Xbox dashboard in four years, the "New Xbox Experience" of 2011 features new content additions as well as enhanced means to find that content.

Starting with last year's Kinect-based dashboard update, the new Xbox Ui redesign expands on the voice-control functionality to more aspects of the system. You'll be able to use voice commands to search for music and movies in addition to opening up applications on your Xbox.

To better assist you in the search and acquisition of content on your 360, Microsoft also announced that they were introducing their Bing search engine into the console. Similarly featuring voice-command support, users will be able to search the videos, trailers, games, and other content available on the Xbox using the web browser.

Finally, to round out the various dashboard updates. Microsoft announced that they will be bringing live television to the Xbox 360, including both local channels and national content. Similar functionality for the Xbox 360 has been available in the UK and Australia, but this marks the first time that type of content has come stateside. Actual, hard details weren't exactly in great supply regarding this service, but hopefully we'll hear more soon.

All of this functionality will make its way to the Xbox 360 this fall.