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Microsoft Flight Is No More

More than 30 employees reportedly laid off, Vancouver studio still operational.

Though the excitement around flight simulators isn’t what it used to be (try telling that to Dave, Vinny or Drew, though), most folks agreed the revival of Microsoft Flight Simulator via Microsoft Flight was pretty great.

Unfortunately, the party’s over.

In a statement, Microsoft confirmed reports about the demise of Microsoft Flight and the unannounced Project Columbia. The result is apparently 35 employees laid off at the Microsoft Game Studios office in Vancouver.

Project Columbia was reportedly going to be a Kinect-enabled shooter.

The company said the Vancouver office is not being shut down, however.

Microsoft Studios has decided to end development on Microsoft Flight and Project Columbia. As a result of this action, some positions within the development teams have been eliminated. Microsoft human resources is working with the affected individuals to find new roles within the company.

Microsoft Studios is invested in British Columbia and still has several teams, both in Vancouver and Victoria, which will continue to produce the best entertainment and gaming experiences possible.

The free-to-play Microsoft Flight remains available for download at

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