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Microsoft Needs Testers For A New Xbox Preview Program

And all you need to do is get a Live account, fill out a survey, and hope for the best.

It's that time again. Microsoft needs a few (thousand) good people to test out the forthcoming Xbox Live dashboard update, which, as Major Nelson explains it, will see the release of an enhanced Netflix client (searching is go!), the long-awaited ESPN app, and an updated Zune video store. As with most update preview programs Microsoft runs, your opportunity to participate is contingent on patience and luck.

The patience part factors in when you begin the enrollment process over at the Microsoft Connect site. Once signing in with your Windows Live credentials, you'll be asked to fill out a survey. The luck part revolves around it immediately accepting you into the program, which it will this time around. No waiting is required. Whew.  


This preview opportunity, as Major Nelson notes, is available to both Silver and Gold-level Xbox Live subscribers. Gold members, however, will be given "priority" over the non-paying Silver folk. Also, that Windows Live ID needs to be connected to your Xbox Live ID, or else you'll be getting nowhere fast.