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More Boats, Events, And Maps Coming To Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Developer Vector Unit announces the "Tempest Pack" DLC, which looks to add a bunch of new and fun content.

More boats, skins, achievements, events, and maps are coming to Hydro Thunder Hurricane later this October. Game creator Vector Unit has announced the Tempest Pack, the game's first chunk of DLC, which it hopes will serve to ratchet up the amount of insanity already present in the frantic, boost-filled Xbox Live Arcade racer. But if anything, though, it'll add a lot more to do in the game. 

Above all, Tempest will add a total three new tracks: a volcanic version of the fabled sunken city of Atlantis, the "hurricane-whipped waters" of the Bermuda Triangle, and Castle Von Boom, a "medieval course packed with exploding barrels and interactive cannons." These new levels and their curious obstacles and promise of "chaos and destruction," as creative director Matt Small explains it in a short statement, are what gives the DLC pack its name.  

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Tempest, in addition to levels, will also add two all-new Expert-class boats, the Whiplash and the flat-bottomed Psyclone, as well as six supercharged Novice and Pro-level boats based on models already present in the core game. But even weaker baby-boats will receive something fresh--or a new coat of paint, in this case. The Tempest Pack will add new unlockable skins for every single boat.

And as if all that wasn't enough for a traditional DLC pack, three new Championships are being added, as well as new Ring Master and Courses for all the new levels.

The pricing of Tempest and release date isn't TBD, but Vector Unit appears to be holding on to the details. According to the press release, these vital bits of info will be "announced at a later date."  

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