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More Mini Ninjas Shots Than You Can Shake A Tiny Sword At

They're ninjas! And they're mini! Yeah, I got nothing. Just look at the images.

I'm curious to get a look at Mini Ninjas, the new action game from Hitman makers IO Interactive. Those guys have traded in guns and gore for so long, I can't help wondering what they'll do with something cutesy.

Eidos sent out a ton of new screenshots for the game, and since we haven't seen it ourselves yet, I'm just going to give you the publisher's own pitch (which, as a publisher's pitch, you are to read with a grain of salt).

Into a beautiful, colorful land, a malevolent plan has hatched. The Evil Samurai Warlord has begun to use the ancient art of Kuji Magic to twist innocent forest animals into mindless Samurai warriors to do his bidding. After amassing an army of these soldiers, he sends them forth to terrorize the surrounding countryside.
In the far corner of the empire, the Ninja Master sees that something has gone terribly wrong in the world - he knows that the balance of nature has become disturbed, but by what? He does not yet know that his old nemesis has returned, but he knows at least that his sworn oath to protect the balance of nature must be upheld. The Ninja Master chooses his most skilled Ninja to send on the quest to discover the source of the storms. Time passes but there is no word from the Ninja. Again, the Ninja Master chooses another of his best, but again he doesn’t return. Again and again he sends his pupils forth on the mission, but again and again they vanish.
Finally, there are only two Ninjas left in the village - and these are the last Ninjas he would ever have considered for such an obviously perilous quest. Hiro, the youngest of all the Ninjas, and his best friend Futo, the largest (and slowest). Hiro has not yet even completed his training, but the urgency is real. The Ninja Master knows that they must be quickly made ready. They must embark on a journey to get to the bottom of this mystery... to find their lost friends... and to confront the Evil Warlord himself in his fortress of doom….
In these latest screens from the game, Hiro, and his Ninja colleagues -  the hammer wielding Futo and musical Suzume - battle the Warlord’s samurai minions, within a snowy, mountain filled valley.
You will also see the Ninjas conferring with the Tengu, bird-like caretakers of the wilderness temples, hidden away in remote corners of the world.

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