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Mortal Kombat Video Turns Out To Be Fully Unofficial

It really is just a pitch for a movie.

 No one is more authentic than Scorpion.
 No one is more authentic than Scorpion.
You wouldn't think that unofficial projects would get participation from known actors like Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White, but as it turns out, that's exactly what happened. But the Mortal Kombat "rebirth" video that got out yesterday is more than just some crazy fan project. It turns out the short film was part of a pitch that, according to a Crave Online interview with the guy who played Johnny Cage, was designed to get Warner interested in making a new movie, and isn't some insane tease for Mortal Kombat 9.

I had back-of-my-mind doubts at that point, thinking that maybe the guys working on the game got ahold of it and threw it out there just to get Mortal Kombat back into the front of everyone else's minds. But that, as I understand it, is not the case, either.

So carry on, I guess. There's nothing to see here! But considering the substantial waves that video created, I have to imagine anyone associated with the game or the continuing push to get a movie made has to be feeling pretty good about their chances. Clearly, people continue to have an affinity for the MK property, provided it's handled by skilled individuals.

But don't expect Baraka to be a plastic-surgeon-turned-serial-killer in whatever the next Mortal Kombat game ends up being.
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