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Namco Bandai’s Smash Bros., 3DS XL And Tons More Nintendo News

Because Nintendo’s press conference was so action packed, this had to wait.

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Apparently Nintendo’s semi-regular Nintendo Direct events are where fans should wait for exciting news, as tonight’s brought plenty to get everybody talking.

We have the first details on the next Smash Bros., a collaboration between Project Sora (Kid Icarus:Uprising) and, uh, Namco Bandai. Of course, the game is being overseen by the always present Masahiro Sakurai. Due to the Namco Bandai collaboration, apparently the game isn’t years off.

Also, Nintendo confirmed the rumored re-design 3DS (something I’d shot down on the podcast, but looks like I’m wrong on that one), now called the 3DS XL. The machine sports a 90% larger screen, a 4GB memory card, improved battery life, and there won’t be an AC adaptor in the box because...cost savings? The machine will be available on August 19 for $200.

Otherwise? Let’s run down the list.

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