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NBA Jam HD Hitting Stores In November, Will Cost 50 Bones

Hey, remember when this was supposed to be free with a copy of NBA Elite 11?

Our exhaustive effort to mention NBA Jam HD at least once a week is coming to a sudden close. EA has announced the details we've been scrounging for, confirming that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NBA Jam will cost $50 and will ship on November 17. Also, this version will indeed ship with the Remix Tour (just like its Wii counterpart did) and is set to offer two-on-two local and online play out of the box.

But not all planned features will make it in the game by release day. In December, EA plans to build on the online offering by releasing a no-cost title update that adds Remix games, a progression and unlock system called Online Progression, and a three-person cooperative mode dubbed Jam Party. 


Remix Games mode, according to EA, will include "classic arcade hoop games like Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and 21." Online Progression seems to be a challenge mode that will, ultimately, allow you to unlock "secret online Jam Challenges to unlock online exclusive rewards and hidden content" if you meet whatever goals are set. That's neat. I think.

NBA Jam HD was once slated to be a free digital download with rumored online paid downloadable content support. As you've noticed, things have changed a bit. But basketball? Basketball never changes.