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New Command & Conquer, Studio Announced

A new C&C Web site trumpeting a brand new game appears and, then, pulled.

So, over the break, one exciting announcement was made: RTS Command and Conquer will be breathing new life with a brand new game at some point, after the shaky release and even shakier reception of Command and Conquer 4. EALA won’t be handling this one though. EA has set up a new studio dubbed Victory Games to helm the development.

Great, right? One problem: the official Web site announcing all of this has been pulled, so we’ve only got scattered reports to lean on when it comes to details, which, of course, are lighter than a marshmallow at the moment. With that said, PC Gamer's World managed to grab the text of a Q&A posted on the blog that reveals this little gem: this new C&C will be a PC-focused game of AAA quality, so no worries on that front.  

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Victory Games has three offices: one based in LA, the other in Austin, and the last in Shanghai, China. In the Q&A, Jon Van Caneghem, the GM of the new studio, says the studio’s name derives from what you see on the screen after a good match. “The reason I think it fits so well,” he adds, “is when you look at how to be successful in strategy games: it’s the ability to anticipate, plan, and react.”

The Q&A says we’ll get a better look at this new game towards the end of the year, and I’d imagine, the game’s Web site will be up and running again rather soon. The cat is out of the bag, after all.  
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