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New From PlatinumGames: Vanquish

The Bayonetta people have dropped the first teaser video for their next big action title.

Done with Bayonetta yet? PlatinumGames hopes so, because they've already revealed their next big action game, Vanquish. This one comes from Shinji Mikami, whose pedigree boasts no less than "creator of Resident Evil." So you'll probably want to pay attention to this.

No real info about the game yet, including what platform(s) it will appear on, but then you may be too busy looking at the large-scale orbital destruction of San Francisco to care. I'm also kind of excited to see some live-action footage of real actors in this clip. Despite the great work with motion-captured CG characters in games like Uncharted 2 recently, I think there's still room for real footage in game cinematics if it's used tastefully.
Does this pique your interest in any way? And does it remind you of anything?
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