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Next Week We Face The Maw

Twisted Pixel's The Maw comes to Xbox Live Arcade next week.

Yeah, don't get caught between this guy and his appetite.
Yeah, don't get caught between this guy and his appetite.
We're not quite used to seeing this much advance notice for Xbox Live Arcade releases. Heck, I'm not even 100 percent sure what's coming out on XBLA this week. But next week? We're covered. Twisted Pixel sent along news that its upcoming game, The Maw, will be next week's release on January 21. It will sell for 800 points, which in case you forgot, is ten bones here in the States.

In The Maw, you'll play as an alien named Frank who befriends a cute little critter (The Maw, silly) as you escape from alien bounty hunters. The Maw, as you might expect, can be quite the eater, and he'll absorb some of the powers and characteristics of the things he eats, making him sound a bit like a hungrier, more mischievous Kirby.

The Maw has already found quite a bit of acclaim over the course of its development, both as one of the games in Penny Arcade's PAX-10 independent games showcase and is up for a technical excellence award at this year's Independent Games Festival. And the game sounds nicely rewarding, as players will be able to unlock a premium Xbox 360 theme over the course of the game. With The Maw's nice-looking artwork and environments, that could be very cool.
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