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Nintendo Wants to Monitor Your Sleep

One of the company's new initiatives involves ways of visualizing your health.

Nintendo promised a "quality of life" initiative would be a new area of interest for the company, and we now know about its first project: a device monitoring your sleep.

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You don't have to wear Nintendo's device, however, separating it from the "wearable" category that's become increasingly popular in technology lately. Instead, the monitor hangs out on a bedside table.

Nintendo is developing the device in conjunction with ResMed Inc, a company known for treating sleep disorders.

The device will, in theory, seamlessly upload data to the cloud, and provide users information on the quality of the previous night's sleep and fatigue levels. Nintendo has not outlined how the software-side will work just yet.

It's possible a subscription will be sold alongside the device, but details on pricing and release date are coming later. Nintendo only promised the device would show up by March 2016. That's a ways away.

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