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Nintendo's Next Console Won't Arrive Before April 2012, Won't Be 3D

We don't know what it will be yet, but know a few things it, uh, won't be.

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After confirming that we'll know what life is like after the Wii at E3 in June, Nintendo is beginning to talk a little bit more about their next console. Andriasang has translated reports from Bloomberg and Kyodo News, clarifying two pretty big question about the so-called Project Cafe: release date and 3D.

On the first point, Nintendo appears to have officially dismissed any rumors the next console would pull a surprise launch this year. The reason Nintendo has not included sales projects for Wii's successor in their financial projections, which outline until March 31, 2012, is because it's not coming until after April.

A release date after April 2012 would also jive with previous reports of a fall 2012 release date.

Secondly, despite Nintendo's embracing of the third dimension with 3DS, that won't be the case here. With 3DS, Nintendo can control the display--that's not the case with 3DTVs. As most consumers do not own 3DTVs, Nintendo cannot guarantee a 3D-focused console would find enough of an audience. It's out!

And so the wait continues.     
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