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No, That Absurd Witcher 2 Patch Isn't Actually 9GB

An issue with Steam is causing users to download the whole game over again.

I saw more than a few people complaining on this here Internets last night about a crazy 9GB patch for CD Projekt's The Witcher 2. When exactly does a "patch" stop being a "patch"?

Turns out the whole thing is an error. CD Projekt's told me the patch is much more reasonable--less than 20MB--but an issue with Steam specifically forced users to basically download the whole game all over again. As far as CD Projekt can tell, it's only a Steam problem right now.

"We’re working with Steam to get the issue sorted by Monday morning," a company spokesperson said.

Darn. Gamers with digital pitchforks fighting over 9GB would've made a more interesting story.

Time to run from the big, bad bandwidth monster.
Time to run from the big, bad bandwidth monster.
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