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Noby Noby Boy Hitting PSN "Early 2009"

Namco Bandai has dropped a release date for the next, PS3-exclusive game from the creator of Katamari Damacy.

Sony scored a nice little coup with Noby Noby Boy. While Namco Bandai has been busy turning out versions of Katamari Damacy on every platform you can think of--there's even a new one on the iPhone--the series' original creator, Keita Takahashi, has been working on his Next Big Thing to be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

Of course, if Noby Noby is successful, I guess you can expect to see it follow a similar release pattern. But for the time being, if you want to play the game as soon as you can, you know where to go.

Anyway, the release will come in "early 2009," according to a release the big NB just sent out, pictured at right. The following phrases contained therein have sort of piqued my interest about the game.

  • Eat objects to stretch to new lengths, or spit them out!
  • Record game footage and upload it to YouTube!
  • Start on Earth and explore the galaxy with the help of all the other BOYs playing online!

I haven't seen much (well, any) of Noby Noby Boy so far, but vividly remembering the delightful weirdness of Katamari, that copy gives a fair impression of what this one might be like.

UPDATE: Kotaku has a bit more info than this press release. Noby Noby will hit PSN in Japan on January 29 for 800 yen (roughly $9). In Europe, the price will be 4 euros, though no specific release date is given. Anybody want to give odds on a $9.99 price point in the U.S.?

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