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NXE on the Netflix Bleeding Edge With HD Streaming

Your mailbox will be a little less crowded in November if you're a Netflix customer and Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

Shocking! (Image: Engadget)
Shocking! (Image: Engadget)
The embargo is up for impressions of the New Xbox Experience, with stories hitting all around the web. Engadget's hands-on report has by far the most tantalizing piece of NXE news to my mind: The integrated streaming Netflix player will be the first Netflix platform of any kind to stream high-definition video. (All previous Netflix streaming methods only offered SD video.) Quoth Engadget:

A small perk -- but huge deal as far as we're concerned -- is the inclusion of a limited amount of HD content. We previewed Heroes in HD, and the quality was stunning. Right now there's only about 300 titles on offer, but we think after folks get a taste of this, they'll be begging for some expansion.

That is extremely exciting. If you're already using Netflix and already a Gold member on Xbox Live, you've suddenly got HD streaming in your living room for no additional fee. Propers to Netflix and Microsoft.

Man, I feel a lot better about urging my parents to buy a 360 last year. Sure, they use it for upscaling DVDs and iPod playback, but this Netflix business is the kind of feature with universal appeal that makes the console truly useful as an all-around media device.

We're fixing to get all up in the NXE ourselves, so stay tuned.

We're messing around with the NXE in here and will bring you a comprehensive video preview of the features, including the Netflix module, later today.
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