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Official Japanese Fallout Site Features 8-Bit Fallout Remake

Remake more like demake amirite?!?

Marketing or not, this is radical. Bethesda has created a brilliant 8-bit reconstruction of the Capital Wasteland exclusively for its official Japanese Fallout Web site. The point, from what I can tell, is to attract Japanese RPG enthusiasts to the series, and to explain what an open-world or a "Freestyle RPG" is.

In this "demake," you as the Vault Dweller, can travel to several familiar Wasteland locations, speak with a couple of NPCs, and fight a Super Mutant turn-based-style. The content appears to end there, though I suppose I might not be seeing everything it has to offer. The language barrier is proving to be, you know, a barrier. 

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Despite not having much to offer in terms of gameplay, this website is worth checking out for the novelty of seeing Fallout rendered in 8-bit graphics. As Bethesda put it on its blog the other afternoon, you definitely get a taste of what could have been if Fallout was instead created in 1987 by a Japanese development studio.