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Out of Nowhere, Bastion's on iPad Tomorrow

A tweaked version of Supergiant's weighty action game for Apple's tablet.

Those Supergiant Games guys ‘n gals know how to keep a secret. Bastion arrives on iPad tomorrow.

The tweaked version of Bastion, which includes a revamped approach to combat specifically designed to accommodate touch controls, will be available in your country’s App Store in the next day. If you want something more traditional, there is the option to play with virtual analog sticks.

With the touch-based controls, touching anywhere on the screen moves The Kid around, touching and holding your finger triggers running, a double tap rolls him in that direction, and firing of weapons happens automatically.

Based on this new approach, some of the weapons and upgrades have been changed slightly, but the iPad version doesn’t feature any new narrative content. There is, however, some new dialogue. The Stranger’s Dream sequence, which was released as downloadable content elsewhere, is included.

This version of the game costs $4.99, and there aren’t any current plans to release it on iPhone.

“We also felt the game experience might not translate well to the iPhone’s smaller screen, so we decided to focus only on the iPad in this case,” said the studio. “That said, we appreciate the interest in having a version of the game on the smaller device, and haven’t ruled anything out for the future.”

You’ll also need at least an iPad 2 to run Bastion, as developers begin leaving the original iPad behind.

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