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Palmer Luckey's Top 7 Games of 2014

The head of Oculus VR takes off his headset long enough to talk about his favorite gaming experiences of 2014.

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Palmer Luckey is the upsettingly young inventor of the Oculus Rift and founder of Oculus VR. He's @PalmerLuckey on Twitter.

1. Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Everything I dreamed of and more. The quantity and quality of content is great, and Zero Suit Samus is actually competitive. They made the right graphical trade-offs to hold at 60fps, and I admire developers who make the right decisions.

2. Mario Kart 8

I paid for the DLC and don't feel violated, which is more and more rare these days. Just have to remember that Mario Kart is not an entirely skill based game once everyone you play with gets good enough, it is more like an interactive multiplayer slot machine, and I am okay with that.

3. Plague Inc.

As a casual apocalypse enthusiast and theorist, I am a sucker for anything that explores our eventual doom. Every anti-vaxxer needs to play this game.

4. Grand Theft Auto Online

Games that give the player free agency are the hardest to make and often the most fun to play. You can play as a suicidal maniac, a street racer, a stunt pilot, or all of the above. Putting very different people together in the same environment makes for some very cool social dynamics.

5. Pokémon Omega Ruby

The original Ruby and Sapphire are the unsung heroes of the Pokémon franchise. They created a battle and stat system robust enough to last till their remake a decade later, and the core gameplay is still as engaging as ever. And primal reversion is awesome.

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6. Ghost in the Machine

It is a retro-style platformer that is insanely hard, with some jumps requiring literally pixel-perfect timing. Very few games dare to challenge people like that.

7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

It has been 10 years since the last time I played pretend as a lawyer, so I have forgotten most of the twists and turns of each case, except for a few of the major reveals that I still remember. It is kind of like playing as a psychic.