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Patapon 3 Marching Into Stores This Fall


Patapon 2 was the most authentic Patapon 2 experience. Patapon 3 will, no doubt, be the most authentic Patapon 3 experience.

Revealed oh-so-briefly during Sony's E3 2010 briefing, Patapon 3 sees the return of the franchise's unique mix of strategy and rhythm-based play that'll have you inputting attack and defense commands to a groovy beat. It will also usher in a new Patapon to the franchise: a "warrior" Superhero.
The Superhero is the big deal. You'll be able to customize this little guy to your own specifications and then have him lead your army of miserable creatures on their march to defeat the seven evil spirits. You can also take this dude online in the game's up-to-eight-player competitive and multiplayer modes. Good luck with that, by the way. I know two dudes with a PSP.

 Patapon 3 is set to hit this fall.