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Penny Arcade Episode 3 Probably Still Not Happening

If you want Penny Arcade Episode 3, purchasing the Mac App Store PA games is not actually a way to get it.

Hothead Games excitedly teased something it shouldn’t have this week, as both of its Penny Arcade games skyrocketed up the Mac App Store sales charts.

On Monday, Hothead had to pull a tweet that promised it would put the cancelled third game in the Penny Arcade Adventures series back on the frontburner if sales hit a high enough mark on the recently launched Mac App Store. "For those of you that want PA Episode 3, all you need to do is get 100,000 of your friends to buy 1 & 2. Seriously. Do that and we'll make it,” the Hothead Games tweet read. 

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Following up with the tweet, PA's own Mike Krahulik responded with “that’s actually not true.” In a conversation with Joystiq, PA business guy Robert Khoo said "that's certainly news to me,” before adding that there is no new news to be written about future episodes.  
The PA guys haven't completely ruled out a third episode, by the way, but the time for it has arguably passed. Can you believe the second episode hit in 2008? Time flies!