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Persona 3 Coming to Your PSP?

Jack Frost lives in my head and there's only one way to get him out...

Even Chie would be able to piece this mystery together...
Even Chie would be able to piece this mystery together...
I'll tell you straight out that I feel bad for Brad and Ryan, I really do. Between me running around the office screaming "BLACK FROST HO!" and Jeff going insane running his own private Persona 4 investigation, Atlus has penetrated our offices pretty deeply. With our 45-minute Quick Look of the upcoming Persona PSP release behind us, I think the rest of the boys were hoping to get a little Bufu respite, but alas, Atlus has to go and keep fanning those flames with some pretty strong evidence of a Persona 3 PSP release surfacing out of Japan. 
This week's Famitsu is reporting that Persona 3 Portable will hit Japanese store shelves and Japan's PSN on November 1st, the same day as Japan's launch of the PSPgo. While I don't see any mention of when this will be available outside of Japan, there's really no reason to think Atlus wouldn't bring this over at some point. Personally, Persona 3 is where I got my first taste of the series, so it holds a special place in my heart and even though Jeff and I have spent over 80 hours during our Persona 4 Endurance Run, I'm still ready to head back and finish what I started in P3.  

It's an Evoker, ok?
It's an Evoker, ok?
It also seems like Atlus is adding some extra content on top of 2008's Persona 3 FES edition. Apparently, you'll be able to choose a lady instead of a male as your main character, which will obviously offer different interactions with the rest of the cast. Some other changes sound like they are being made to make the game mechanics a bit more comparable to Persona 4. There are also reports of visual changes to the Personas no matter what gender your main character is, but if that means I won't be popping myself in the head with an " Evoker" to summon a Jack Frost, then count me out!
So, while we wait for the official word from Atlus, and we all hold our breath for Persona 5, are there any old or new fans ready for some evoking on the go?
Thanks to user PandaShake and rest of the GB community for sending this in. Also, check out this IGN article for a few more details.
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