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Phase Two Is Go

We're saying goodbye to Sausalito and moving back to the big city. Our time is now.

Maybe a bit too literal, but hey, whatever works. 
Maybe a bit too literal, but hey, whatever works. 
I'm coming to you live, from my house... in my underwear. Just felt I should get that out of the way up front, but the reason for all the partial nudity is that we're between offices right now. Wednesday was our last official day in the old offices, and we spent most of that day packing everything up, slapping labels onto it, and drinking. Actually, I was driving, so I mostly watched other people drink. And I'm extremely lazy, so I mostly watched other people pack, too.

It's a big move for us that comes at the exact right time. With the addition of Tested and Screened to the Whiskey Media posse, Sausalito is now officially too small to contain us. So our new office is a bigger spot that'll give us more studio space, a dedicated podcast room, and, weirdly enough, an entire room devoted to our own private whiskey bar. I believe in the business world they call that "walking the walk?" This also means that I'll be able to make vague threats directly to Alex every time a bad game shows up in the mail and constantly pester Will to help me figure out which laser mouse is right for me without having to walk upstairs.

We'll have more to show of the old office getting dismantled and new office in the near future. But there's more going on than just a new basement to call home.

 The Human Tape Measure goes to work.
 The Human Tape Measure goes to work.
The number one question we get around here goes something like "how the hell do you guys stay in business with no ads on the site?" We've sold a few T-shirts in the past, but to be honest, those happened because we thought they'd be cool, not because we ever expected to make a huge profit on them. Same deal with the iPhone app, which is rapidly losing value now that you can view those same videos using your phone's browser. For us, it's been all about building a regular audience and treating the people that choose to spend their time with us with the respect they deserve. The business dudes have done some ad deals in the past, and they've signed a deal with an external firm called Six Apart, which will be largely responsible with putting ads onto Giant Bomb and the other Whiskey Media sites.

It's funny, a lot of people wanted to guarantee us a whole lot of money up front for the ability to sell ads on our sites. For just about any other company I can think of, this would have been the "cha-ching" moment, where you start grabbing as much cash as possible. That's the easy way out. We've gone a different way with it, instead focusing on putting a system in place that should hopefully prevent the Internet's worst types of advertising from ever sullying our pages. We're doing what we can to make sure that the ads don't ruin your experience on our site. There will be site skins, but you definitely won't see one every day. There will be banner ads, but not for dick pills or "YOU PUNCH MONKEY 4 FREE IPODZ" or all of the other bullshit that makes a website start to stink. It's nice to be working with guys that understand the value of your experience with our sites. My guess is that there will be some bumps in the road this month as we get things going, but it feels pretty good to be shifting into "proper business" mode. That'll give us some more leeway to do all of the stupid things that no other game website would dare to even try and continue having fun while we do it.

This is the part where I should come to you, hat in hand, and tell you how ad blockers block the fun in the worst way possible, but I'm not going to tell you how to live your lives. If you absolutely can't stand any form of advertising ever yet you still want to support what we're doing down here, well, we might have some things for you in the fairly near future that'll let you handle that without the intense guilt that comes from knowing that Coonce won't be able to afford any more tracksuits if you're blocking all of the ads.

My understanding is that today is the first official day that Six Apart is beating down doors on our behalf, and our office doors will open once again on Tuesday. In the meantime, we'll be working on some review stuff (I have a lot of Singularity to play) and celebrating... our Independence Day! *cue cheers*
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Posted By ManlyBeast

New office, more content!?!?!?!?

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Posted By ZRLeigh

I'm pleased that you have been selective with regards to advertising. Keep doing what you do guys, i know that your integrity will remain intact.

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Posted By Light_Bahamut
@Kyle: Gotta follow 'em on the Twitter.
Avatar image for light_bahamut
Posted By Light_Bahamut

 A subscription-based membership thingy could be cool. Exclusive giveaways, members-only message boards, that sort of thing. I'd give you moneys.

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Posted By Civraz

*tear* Long live Giantbomb!

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Posted By Kyle
@Light_Bahamut: I do, but I never go there : (
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Posted By borton99

I find it interesting to watch the growth and change of the site.  I love to watch it gain success and feel an odd sense of pride as it develops into something wonderful.  It's like the nerd version of watching your team win the Super Bowl.  I say bring on the ads so long as continue to get the podcast and more hours of entertaining video per week than all the major Tv networks combined.

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Posted By thehunter1320

<Turns off AdBlocker on> 
I'm with you, Gertsmann and the Whiskey Media Crew!

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Posted By Fjordson
@Dany said:
" whiskey media sites are the only ones i have an exception rule on adblock "
x 2.  
A massive congratulations to you guys, you deserve it. Unfortunately, I'll now always have to be on the lookout for the Giant Bomb staff around San Francisco.
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Posted By Teaspoon83

Had disabled my ad-blocker for GB for a while now. I try to disable it for a site I enjoy visiting but also doesn't go go crazy with terrible ads that distract me. Good to see the company grow.  Although I don't know if I would pay for Premium Content because I just think of IGN, I would be willing to throw cash your way for shirts or hoodies.
So when do company tours start? I'd pay money or bring beer for that.

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Posted By skippyscissors

...So did you guys open the fish can yet?

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Posted By Digi7alS3lf

I think ads are a big part of a website. And taking into an account how and why GB was created, i support you guys.
Keep it up. Reach for the sky.

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Posted By LordAndrew

Six Apart? Didn't they invent trackbacks? You're in the big leagues now. :P

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Posted By AllanIceman
@Vision said:
" Sounds great, i have Giant Bomb approved on ad-block plus. "
I have always l appreciated the honesty in which GiantBomb carries itself in everything they do.
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Posted By JackG100

I'd pay money to spoon with Ryan for just a few minutes, if I was allowed to grab his beard... thing.
You make my heart sing!
Wait, what?

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Posted By hyperslug

Good luck :-D 
Greatest company ever!

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Posted By error5305

I remember seeing a vid where they discussed their hatred for "faceblasters" aka the pop-ups that, well, you know...

Sounds like Whiskey Media is still doing things the right way so I am now referring to white-listed sites as Whiskey-listed.

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Posted By FLStyle

Between no site podcasts from CV, T and S since the move happened I thought they would've at least got some videos roaming the new digs by now.

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Posted By Winternet

The lack of content is killing me. GiantBomb is oscar mike

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Posted By wfolse1

Jeff's post is pretty telling about what makes GB so great.  Transparency is a pretty big deal and I feel like these guys do it better than just about anyone else.  In the last year GB has become the only gaming website that I give a crap about and I really wish them well with this expansion.

Avatar image for hellbrendy
Posted By HellBrendy

But I like punching them mnekys for an iPod!  
Congrats on the new phase, and Ginat bomb will for sure be my favourite english videogamesite I read in the future. 

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Posted By YoThatLimp

I'll pay $20 to see a Endurance Run of Persona 3 with Jeff and Vinny.

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Posted By Verge

 I've allot of respect for you guys. It really does seem like your doing things your way, living the dream. Through your open nature and casual podcast I've come to understand each of the staff that bit more, and from that each review they write has more value. Any advertising has always been tasteful, and the full site skins have looked very interesting. Keep doing what you do, because its all so god damn awesome.

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Posted By JayHayabusa

Does anyone have the address of the new offices? Want to look it up on google maps. Now, this is not to be stalkerish but by pure curiosity. I do live in Paris, France after all (and im not french!)
Thx dudes.

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Posted By adamfedoruk

I'm not seeing how the new Yahoo ads are much different from the punch the monkey ads. I didn't mind the short ads that would play before videos, or the past site ads. These "HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU JUGGLE THE SOCCER BALL IN THIS SHITTY FLASH AD" make me kind of sad to see on GB.  
That's just my opinion, but honestly, if thats what it takes to keep this bomb rolling, then that's how it is.  <3 

Avatar image for keenblaze
Posted By Keenblaze

Seeing ads like this on Giantbomb is... weird. I'm glad they're getting money and all, but it feels like a little bit of the magic is gone. 
Meh, whatever. I don't really care. They need some way to get paid.

Avatar image for doubt
Posted By Doubt

i feel like watching Despicable Me... whos with me?!

Avatar image for teaspoon83
Posted By Teaspoon83

Looks okay so far, I kinda felt like the Quest block was going to be the perfect spot for a square ad when the time came. And really, it could be worse guys. The ads so far aren't distracting.

Avatar image for food
Posted By Food

so far the ads are absolutely fine.  it was more weird to see a site like this without ads than to see what we have now.  if we ever get ads that block the page until you find a tiny 'close' button or ads that play sounds until you find a tiny mute button then I will be severely disappointed, but right now I am fine with everything.

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Posted By Aaron_G

I will disable my adblocker for you guys! ;)

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Posted By powicewobots

Sounds good. I don't particularly mind the idea of banner adverts on the site, its important to accept the reality that at the end of the day you guys do run a business and any extra revenue that you can pull in (without being overly obtrusive) is surely going to benefit the userbase, albeit indirectly. Hope you like your new office!