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Phew, Descent WiiWare Still in Development...Wait, What?

Giant Bomb goes where other gaming sites won't dare.

Prepare the vomit bag! 
Prepare the vomit bag! 
Having the word "descent" in a headline yesterday squirreled the nausea-inducing Descent series into my head. It also reminded me that Interplay once tasked someone with porting Descent to WiiWare. There's been nothing on Descent for WiiWare in nearly a year, though, so I decided to ask the question all the other gaming writers of the world weren't willing to ask: what happened to Descent for WiiWare?

Turns out it's still alive at developer G1M2, who last worked on SNK Arcade Classics 0 for PSP.  

"Thank you for asking us about Descent for Wii," said a company spokesperson. "It is still in development and we are hopeful that the project will be completed soon. While it has taken longer than expected, we are hopeful that people will like the final product when it comes out. More details to come soon..."

One less mystery of the world to solve, guys.  (Nobody tell Jeff about this.)
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