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Platinum's New Game Is Actually Called Anarchy Reigns

North America and Europe will have boxes with different names on them from the ones in Japan.

Forget about Max Anarchy. Platinum Games and publisher Sega have announced that the melee-focused and online-centric brawler we talked about yesterday will go by a different name in North America: Anarchy Reigns. Sounds a little… less ridiculous, eh?

In addition to dropping this title news this morning, Sega made a passing mention of two of the game's online modes and, in the process, might have revealed the direction Platinum Games is shooting for. Tag Team and Battle Royal modes were confirmed, leading me to believe, at least, that Platinum wants to give the game a wrestling-ish flavor. 

Oh, and three screens are available for your viewing now, too. This is undeniably a Platinum Games joint. 


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Expect Anarchy Reigns to hit store shelves in Fall 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.