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Playstation Move Launches September At $50-$100

Prices, dates, and bundles revealed!

After a full segment of PlayStation Move demos at their E3 Press Conference--including the newly announced action-adventure game Sorcery and a demo of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11--Sony announced that their new controller would be out this Fall in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The Move controller will launch in Europe on September 14th and arrive in the States on September 19th. The Japanese launch of Move will be a month later than the other two territory's launches, on October 21st. All three launch dates are well ahead of the announced November 4th release date for Microsoft's motion controller Kinect

 Under 50 bucks?!
 Under 50 bucks?!
Sony also announced the final price of the PlayStation Move equipment. Move requires that PS3 owners have both a PlayStation Move controller and a PlayStation Eye camera (for the actual motion tracking of the controller). If you already own a PlayStation Eye, than all you need is the controller, which will retail for $50. However, the Move controller does not come with the Move Navigation controller (the wireless Nunchuk with the analog stick). The Navigation controller retails for $30.  
If you don't have a PlayStation Eye, you can most of the Move components together in the PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle, which comes with the Move controller, the PlayStation Eye, and a copy of Sports Champions (the sports-themed minigame collection) all for $100 dollars. This bundle also doesn't appear to come with the Navigation controller.  
And if all of this PlayStation talk has convinced you  that now is the time to finally purchase a system for yourself, Sony will be offering a PlayStation 3 Move Bundle, which comes with the console, the Move controller, the Playstation Eye, and Sports Champions, all for a penny shy of $400. This bundle also does not appear to come with the Navigation controller.
 This little guy is where Sony is going to
 This little guy is where Sony is going to "get you" with the price.

Those are the prices, folks. You'll be paying at least $50 dollars for the controller. I think not including the Navigation controller with the Move controller or the bundles seems to be a very strange oversight that could keep people from owning the controller (and, consequently, keep developers from making games that support the analog stick on the controller). But, then again, maybe Sony is assuming that people who are seeking out the PlayStation Move are savvy enough that they're going to actually look for and buy each individual component, rather than just buying a bundle nothing more. I'm not sure. I ain't no business man. 
But you folks are all business. So, what about you guys? Are you interested in purchasing Move after Sony's E3 conference today?