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Portal 2's 'Perpetual Testing Initiative' Launching May 8

New DLC lets players design their own Portal 2 puzzles.

This is the level editor. No joke!
This is the level editor. No joke!

For those not content with simply playing through the various puzzles in Portal 2 crafted by Valve, you're about to get a piece of news that should make you squeal with girlish glee.

Valve today announced a new piece of DLC coming to Portal 2 on May 8, one designed to let players craft their own puzzles. The Perpetual Testing Initiative is a "simplified" puzzle maker that allows players to create their own puzzles and directly publish them to the Steam Workshop, where other players can download and rate them.

The DLC will be a free download for PC and Mac users. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though console players will be getting this content, though based on previous history, that's not too surprising.

While I haven't touched Portal 2 since the last DLC came and went, I have to admit the possibility of downloading some new user-made puzzles has me itching to fire the game back up again. And I'm sure once the whole thing degenerates into people making nothing but cake-related joke levels, I'll stop again. But the time in-between should be fantastic.

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