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Premium News: Free Trials and New Gift Subscriptions!

There's never been a better time to hop on the Premium train, or help someone else get on board!

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Hey there! We have two exciting developments to share on the Giant Bomb Premium front which I am going to share with you right now!

Free Trials!

We are now offering free trials to Giant Bomb Premium, which features plenty of exclusive videos and the ability to browse the site without ads (you may need to log out and back in to remove ads, though)! If you’ve ever wanted to taste the excitement that Premium offers, the time is now. A free trial will give you seven days of access to all of our Premium video features and podcasts without having to spend a dime! Here’s a little FAQ on how they work:

  • How long is a free trial? A free trial lasts seven days. At the end of the seven days, your card will be charged and you will be made a full Premium subscriber for either a month or a year (you can choose the duration at the beginning of the trial). You can cancel at any point during the trial.
  • What do I need to sign up for a free trial? You’ll need either a working debit or credit card or a Paypal account to sign up for a free trial. (Pre-paid cards and gift cards will not work in our payment processor as they usually don’t allow for recurring payments.)
  • Are there any restrictions on free trials? Free trial accounts cannot download videos, only watch them in our site player. The ability to download videos will be unlocked if you become a paying member. (Some third-party apps and streaming boxes rely on the download functionality to work, so Premium videos may not work on those platforms until you complete your free trial.)
  • Can I watch Premium livestreams during a free trial? You sure can! You will be able to watch Premium streams and participate in chats during the free trial. Just keep in mind that our chats (and the forums) are moderated; you may want to check out the community rules before popping in. (To sum it up: don’t be a jerk.)
  • Will I be warned before I’m charged? There is an email warning about the charge three days before the end of the trial. Again, you can cancel the trial at any time.
  • What if I sign up during a sale? If you sign up for a free trial during a sale, you will get the sale price when your trial is up and you move on to a paid membership, even if the sale is over at that point.
  • The page says I can't get a free trial! Free trials are only available for new subscribers; if you have previously been a Premium subscriber you will not be able to sign up for a trial. Free trials also have a one-per-person limit; attempts to use multiple accounts to sign up for free trials will lead to those accounts being banned.
  • I signed up! Now where do I start with all this Great Content? There are forum threads where people recommend their favorite Premium content here and here if you want to peruse them! Or ask in the comments below!
  • I'm having other problems! Please email me at support at if you have any issues with your free trial. I'll try to respond to questions in the comments as well, but email is best!

Gift Subscriptions!

We have offered gift subscriptions for a while now, but the setup through our payment processor was a bit weird and required the recipient to put in their own credit card to redeem the code. We’ve upgraded that system now, though, and as of today, there are three major changes to how Premium Gift Subscriptions work:

  • Gift Subscription purchasers no longer need to be logged into the website (i.e. you can send the link to a loved one as a gift request and they won’t need to make an account to buy one!).

  • People redeeming a gift code will no longer be asked to input credit card information if they don’t have a billing history with us.

  • Gift subscriptions can now be bought in both monthly and yearly increments.

If you have a friend that you think would like to try out Premium but have never wanted to jump through the hoops of the old Gift Subscription system, the whole thing should be a lot easier now!

Note that if you have an outstanding gift code that was previously purchased, but not redeemed, it should still work in the same field. If you have any problems, though, just email me at support at and I’ll get you sorted manually.