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Prototype 2 Will Probably Be Announced At The VGAs

A new viral website is showing Prototype footage in its teaser trailer.

A couple of games will be announced for the first time at Spike TV's Video Game Awards show. That's a given. But what game are we almost certain we'll see unveiled at the show? A follow-up to Radical Entertainment's open-world title Prototype seems like a really safe bet.

Viral website Murder Your Maker has been connected with the VGAs for some time, with many viewers of it theorizing that the bald man on the page is Alex Mercer, the bald, jacket-wearing protagonist of the original Prototype. Now, the site has a video teaser that features footage from Prototype, all but confirming that a Murder Your Maker is a Prototype 2 hype site and that follow-up will be announced at the VGAs.

Murder Your Maker has also been connected with a set of three teaser images an unknown developer has been splicing into commercials for the 2010 VGAs. The first two of these images are vague and could be viewed as a tease for any number of zombie games like Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead. However, the most recent third image--which prominently features a picture of a child and a soldier with the accompanying text "don't ever leave the green zone"--is an obvious Prototype reference. If you remember, most soldier-controller areas in the original Prototype were considered "safe zones" in a city rapidly becoming infected with a virus. 

Alas, we can't be 100 percent sure Prototype 2 will be announced at the rewards show. Activision hasn't said anything yet and neither has Radical Entertainment, apparently. Like you, we'll have to wait until the VGAs air on December 11 to know for sure. But, really, c'mon