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PS3-Exclusive Version of Dead Space Will Include Extraction

This is what you get for believing.

Rumors of a HD Dead Space: Extraction port have been swirling since the dinosaurs choked on cosmic dust, but now some can be put to rest. A PS3 version of Dead Space: Extraction with PS Move support will be shipped alongside a PS3-exclusive limited edition bundle of Dead Space 2.

The Visceral Games crew and Sony didn't have much to divulge about the title other than the fact that it would be included on the Dead Space 2 game disc, lending some credence to rumors that pegged Dead Space: Extraction as a downloadable-sized title. Questions as to if the game will ever make its way to PSN or even Xbox Live Marketplace weren't addressed during the briefing.

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When publishers start throwing around words like "exclusive," it's best to take said exclusivity with a grain of salt. The Dead Space: Extraction downloadable port rumors were particularly persistent and have earned some cred with this announcement. There seems like there's still a chance we could see Extraction in other places.     
Dead Space 2 ships January 28, 2011.