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PS3 Memory Issues To Blame For Late Final Fantasy XIV Release

At least it isn't being chocked up to the "closed" nature of PSN, right?

It's been known for a bit that the PC and PS3 versions of Final Fantasy XIV would not be launched alongside each other this September. But the reason why the PS3 version will appear in March 2011--a total of six months after the PC version hits shelves--wasn't widely reported until earlier this week, when Square Enix revealed that reason is related to some sort of memory pinch.
"The main reason was the memory," FFXIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka told VG247 during Gamescom in Cologne, speaking through a translator. "On the PC, they have enormous memory. For [the] PS3, there's a restriction."

Tanaka didn't talk specifics on the memory hold-up. He reiterated "memory" when pressed, leaving us to wonder if it's RAM, hard drive, or even Blu-ray related. But he did add that Square Enix is working hard and steps are being taken to adjust the size of the game's memory. Thanks! 

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"[We] are adjusting the memory size and customizing it. It took longer then we were expecting. But we’re really working hard to bring it out as soon as possible.”

In other related news, there have been recent rumblings about the Xbox 360 version of the MMO, as Square Enix has carefully relaxed its position on Microsoft's "closed" Xbox Live service. But as of now, it still appears as if that version of the game probably not happening--not that you were holding your breath or anything.  
And if you were expectant, go ahead and run through the short list of canned MMOs supposedly intended to come to the Xbox 360 within the last few years. It's deflating in that maybe-I-should-just-get-the-PS3-version sort of way. Champions Online... Star Trek Online... Lord of the Rings Online... That one driving game that was turned into a hands-free Kinect title...