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PSN Still Down in Japan, As Government Asks More Questions

Unclear if Sony will be able to have PSN back up worldwide before May ends.

Reports suggest the PlayStation Store will be back online sometime this week, too.
Reports suggest the PlayStation Store will be back online sometime this week, too.

PlayStation Network slowly but surely came back online last week for most of the world. That's not true in Japan, where the Japanese government's desire for more information from Sony has kept the service from returning.

Andriasang translated an article from Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, which sheds a little more light on the issues facing Sony in its native territory. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is seeking more details on the protections in place for credit card users and how compensation would be handled if a user's credit card information was obtained to rack up illegal purchases by someone else.

Here in the US, Sony partnered with an insurance company to cover such purchases--that deal does not exist in Japan.

A key detail seems to be what, if any, credit card information was exposed. Sony eventually admitted up to 10 million credit card were "potentially" exposed but it was never confirmed if anyone was at risk.

The lack of updated information from Sony seemed to suggest the information was mostly kept safe.

Sony had previously announced PSN would return worldwide before the end of May. It's unclear if the continued correspondence between Sony and the Japanese government will change that deadline, but according to the article, Sony has stared talking to the government about its revised data policies.

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