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Red Steel 2 Gets Official

Guns and swords and cowboys and Wii MotionPlus!

Needs more symbolism!
Needs more symbolism!
I feel like I've been hearing rumors about Red Steel 2 since the day after Red Steel came out. The din of rumormongering definitely peaked around the time Nintendo revealed Wii MotionPlus last year, but it all finally came to a head yesterday when the June cover for Nintendo Power revealed that, yeah, Red Steel 2 is coming to the Wii. Ubisoft confirmed this with an official press release today, which also stated that Red Steel 2 is being developed by Ubisoft Paris, will feature Wii MotionPlus support, and is scheduled to come out around holiday 2009. 

Perhaps most intriguing is that it seems Red Steel 2 will lose the modern-day Yakuza setting of the original. Ubisoft states that it will take place in a "desert-bound, high-tech metropolis," an assertion that the included artwork seems to back up. I'm all for crazy genre-blending, and the apparent combination of samurai, Western, and futuristic aesthetics sounds potentially quite compelling. The first Red Steel was, well, awful, but it had lots of very appealing gameplay ideas. Here's to hoping that Ubisoft Paris has been given plenty of time to do Red Steel 2 right.