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Resident Evil 2 HD Remake in the Works

Capcom's R&D Division 1 is in the earliest stages of production. Also: This announcement video features a dope t-shirt.

This is a good t-shirt.
This is a good t-shirt.

Last week, Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi announced via Facebook that he’d begun trying to convince his boss that a Resident Evil 2 HD Remake would be a good idea. Well, he must've done a good job winning his boss over, because Hirabayashi just released a video on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel confirming that the remake had been approved. Hirabayashi thanked Resident Evil fans for their support and passion before revealing a t-shirt revealing the phrase "WE DO IT!" Which, yeah, I guess you do.

Details are scarce on the game, but since Capcom is using the word "Remake" and not "Remaster," I suspect (and hope) we'll see the game rebuilt from the ground up. Since the game is only just now going into production, Hirabayashi notes that it will be "some time" before Capcom announces more details, but that the company will "try to deliver news to you, the fans, directly."

I'm definitely suffering from Remake Fatigue, but I have to admit: Hirabayashi has an infectious excitement for this project, and I'm curious to see how this will turn out. The Resident Evil series has changed dramatically since RE2 released in 1998. Will it be like the Gamecube Resident Evil remake, with the original game's camera angles and gameplay recreated faithfully? Or will we see the third-person, behind-the-back control scheme that Resident Evil 4 introduced? (And if it's the latter, then what sort of level re-designs will be necessary?)

And most importantly of all: Will this remake include Resident Evil 2's groundbreaking Zapping System?