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Resident Evil 5 Demo Is, Ironically, Live

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now enjoy some hot-'n-dusty zombie action.

Chris Redfield is obvious STOKED about this news.
Chris Redfield is obvious STOKED about this news.
If you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, and you've got an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living, you're in luck! Microsoft has made a demo for Resident Evil 5 available exclusively for you, starting today. The demo will roll out to Live Silver members later this week--January 29th, to be more specific. If the Xbox 360 isn't your thing, word has it that this same demo should be hitting the PlayStation Network the following Monday, February the 2nd. No matter which way you slice it--be it with a chainsaw or a gigantic axe--that should leave you with ample time to get up to speed on the new controls, active inventory system, and co-op mechanics before RE5's proper March 13th release date.