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Resistance 2 Beta Closes This Week

Word out of the Underground--the PlayStation Underground, that is--brings us the stop date for the R2 beta.

Short. To the point. I like it!
Short. To the point. I like it!
E-mails out to members of the PlayStation Underground have gone out to inform us all about the end of the Resistance 2 beta. It'll close down this week, at midnight on October 30.

This gives Sony and Insomniac a chunk of time to clean up after the beta and prep their servers for 60-player chaos as soon as the full retail hits stores next week, on November 4. Keep your fingers crossed, R2 fans. Sony hasn't exactly had the best of luck with launch day server stability these days.

Have you been enjoying the beta? Is it selling you on the final product?

Is this game the most important Sony release of the season? Or are you a LittleBigPlanet sort of guy/gal?

Can I fit any more questions at the end of this article? Should I do laundry tonight?
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