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Rock Band 2 Free Downloadable Tracks Coming 11/4

Harmonix announces titles and timeline for the 20 promised downloadable songs for Rock Band 2.

Lesley Roy, relaxing at home.
Lesley Roy, relaxing at home.
If you purchased Rock Band 2, don't forget to look at the back of your manual. That's where you'll find a code... that you can enter on a website... so that you can be sent a download token... for 20 additional tracks for use in Rock Band 2. Harmonix had been keeping quiet about what, exactly, these tracks were going to be and when they were coming.

Well, wonder no more. You'll be able to download these songs as of November 4 on the 360 and PS3. The Wii version will have these downloadables ready at launch.

  • The 88 - "Sons and Daughters" (myspace)
  • Authority Zero - "No Regrets" (video)
  • Between the Buried and Me - "Prequel To The Sequel" (video)
  • The Cab - "Bounce" (live video)
  • The Chevelles - "Get It On" (video)
  • The Cocktail Slippers - "Give It To Me" (You might need to be logged into Facebook to hear this song here)
  • Dealership - "Database Corrupted" (listen)
  • Endeverafter - "I Wanna Be Your Man" (video)
  • The Ghost Hounds - "Ashes To Fire" (!?!?!?)
  • Hollywood Undead - "Young" (song embedded in a youtube clip for no good reason)
  • Kutless - "The Feeling" (again with the song coupled with static shots for a reeeease!)
  • The Len Price 3 - "If I Ain't Got You" (video of a Southern Comfort commercial... classy)
  • Lesley Roy - "I'm Gone, I'm Going" (video featuring both excessive eyeliner and running away with a guitar)
  • Opiate for the Masses - "Burn You Down" (video - also, female bass player alert!)
  • Semi-Precious Weapons - "Magnetic Baby" (video - I bet these guys are fun to see live.)
  • Shaimus - "Like a Fool" (myspace)
  • Thenewno2  - Crazy Tuesday" (clip on official site)
  • Tickle Me Pink - "The Time Is Wrong" (live video)
  • Underoath - "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" (video)
  • X Japan - "I.V." (video - yeah, sure, why not?)

I'm pretty sure that I'm only familiar with Dealership and The Chevelles. Actually, watching that clip from The Chevelles makes me think that I'm probably confusing them with a different band.
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