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Rock Band Beatles: Let the Wild Speculation Commence!

MTV and Apple let us know that they're going to let us know something soon.

Is that DLC over there?
Is that DLC over there?
I initially glanced right past a press release in my inbox stating the Apple and MTV were working together on an “Unprecedented Global Music Project,” assuming that meant all future Apple TVs would come preloaded with the video for Michael Jackson's Thriller or something equally stupid. Turns out, wrong Apple! No, this isn't the fancy computer people, it's Apple Corps Ltd., the company that manages all of The Beatles catalog. The same company that has prevented any of the Fab Four's music from showing up on that other Apple's iTunes service, which makes this a much, much more interesting story.

The press release is just a drumroll, though, a heads-up that MTV and Apple will be revealing the initial details of their partnership tomorrow at 7AM Pacific time. Of course, the obvious fruit of such a venture would be the appearance of The Beatles in Rock Band, though we've still got 16+ hours for some mad crazy speculation and debate. Go!

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is now claiming that "several people familiar with the matter" have confirmed the deal, though no further details are offered. Hopefully that doesn't just mean someone read the press release aloud to the WSJ writer.